Dia de los Muertos

A celebration of significant cultural importance in Mexico, our Dia de los Muertos biogiraffe offers your students unique insight into the social aspects of this holiday. Our new biogiraffe and the accompanying resources allow you and your students the opportunity to experience Dia de los Muertos from Ana's perspective. As always, we aim to emphasize ESPN and the biogiraffe includes economic, social, political and environmental elements. For this lesson we offer concept maps that allow your students to connect action verbs (some have been provided) to short descriptions that they pull from the text. The descriptions do not necessarily have to form complete sentences. The action verbs are provided to illicit thought on the part of students and are also their for you to help guide your students along. We hope these activities and the guidance you provide augment your North American and Central American studies. As always, feel free to reach to us at biogiraffeinfo@gmail.com with any questions.

#diadelosmuertos #dayofthedead #mexico #worldcultures #6thgrade

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