Going for Gold? Perspectives from Preparing for Rio 2016

In cooperation with Jonathan Watts and Guardian News and Media we are happy to offer Going for Gold? Perspectives from Preparing for Rio 2016. These biogiraffes are adapted from a 2015 article published by The Guardian titled Rio 2016: "The Olympics Has Ruined My Home."

In this biogriaffe collection we offer four perspectives on the economic, social and political factors surrounding preparations for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. You and your students will be able to read about four Rio de Janeiro residents and analyze how their perspectives are similar and different.

We have also provided a graphic organizer to support your classroom instruction. This could be used as part of a whole group activity, interactive notebook entry, or exit ticket at the end of your lesson. If you wish to go further with the perspectives, you could have students research other Rio de Janeiro residents perspectives and write a biogiraffe on them. Students could also create a biogiraffe of themselves and write about how a community activity or event has impacted their lives.

However you decide to utilize these resources, we invite your feedback on how the resources were utilized or what would make them better!

What's your biogiraffe?

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