John Harrison: Finding the Time

Imagine a time, when knowing the time could be the difference between life and death. Now imagine you’re at sea. Land is nowhere in sight. You’re in the middle of an endless ocean. As far as the eye can see this watery wilderness is your temporary home. Being able to find the time meant that ships could find their location. A man named John Harrison solved the problem of finding longitude at sea.

Our new biogiraffe is an awesome addition to your Western European lesson. Help students learn more about longitude. Why is knowing the longitude important? As always, your students will be able to apply their skills to determining the economic, social, political and environmental aspects that are related to his story.

We also have some new additions to our biogiraffes. First, each biogiraffe includes guiding questions throughout the narrative. These questions can help you and your students think back about the reading. Feel free to use them as discussion points. Second, each biogiraffe includes bolded and italicized vocabulary words. To augment the vocabulary, we've created a Geoglossary resource for you and your students. Third, use our Giraffic organizer to help students develop their vocabulary. Finally, for this biogiraffe, we've developed at Timeline resource. This Timeline allows your students to track Harrison's struggles and accomplishments as he endeavored to solve the problem of determining the longitude at sea.

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