Popov and Padilla: Equality vs Freedom

The type of economy in which one lives can determine the types of opportunities afforded individuals. The command economy of the Soviet Union affected the bakery in which Nicolai Popov and his family worked. The nature of the command economy eliminated any opportunity for the kind of personal advancement that is enjoyed in the United States. For Alvin G. Padilla, Jr., the mixed economy of the United States allowed him to determine the business path that best suited him. With determination and the opportunity to achieve personal success he became one of the most successful Hispanic owner/operators in McDonalds history.

Our new biogiraffe will give your World Cultures students a vivid picture of the nature of the economy of the Soviet Union compared the that of the United States. For this biogiraffe, we have included two resources. We invite you to use the Production Possibilities Curve resource to introduce your students to a graphic representation of both economies. We invite you to use the ESPN resource to allow your students to compare and contrast what they've read in the each story.

As always, we've provided you with in-text critical thinking questions as well as our Geo-glossary and Giraffic organizer. We hope that our Eastern Europe lesson enhances your curriculum!

Finally, we've added a feedback form under the Contact tab. We'd ask that you please take a few minutes to provide us with information about how you are using Biogiraffe.

What's your biogiraffe?

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