Make, Buy and Trade with Mr. Goodson

Make, buy and trade with Mr. Goodson! Our new biogiraffe is sure to enhance your Kinder or 1st grade elementary lesson!

We have several new additions to our primary resources here at Biogiraffe! Our new giraffic organizer is geared specifically for younger students. We always include a giraffic organizer to support the vocabulary development of students through words found within each biogiraffe. Our new primary giraffic organizer allows students to write the vocabulary word, draw a picture of the word, and also write it in a sentence. This resource can be utilized in any content area!

It pairs well with our other new resource called Geo’s Word Wall. This resource includes word wall cards and pictures to support the vocabulary within the biogiraffe.

Lastly, we have included a Science resource that accommodates the Make, Buy and Trade with Mr. Goodson biogiraffe. This resource is a plant life cycle. It is a great cross curricular activity to include in your science lessons or to extend the story of Mr. Goodson to your science classroom.

We'd love to hear from you. We've added a Feedback form under the Contact tab. We'd appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill it out for us! Remember, biogiraffe is a collaboration between all of us!

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