Caste in Context

Is your curriculum on the Indian caste system outdated? There is more to the caste system than meets the eye!

We invite you to explore south Asia with our newest Biogiraffe. Mahati Kopparla and Roshan Sebastian provide two unique perspectives of the caste system in India. We've presented each story separately to allow some flexibility with your teaching.

New to this Biogiraffe is an introduction piece that sets the context for learning about the caste system. We've also provided an ESPN resource as well as 10 critical thinking questions that you and your students can use to engage in the learning process.

As always, we've included a Geoglossary and a Giraffic Organizer!

We value you feedback and desire to hear from you! We especially want to know of any modifications you've made to make the lesson work for you and your students! This type of collaboration will help continue to offer teachers great quality resources.

What's your biogiraffe?

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